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In today’s world, traditional strategic growth and corporate development approaches are no longer enough to create value and manage potential transformational transactions. Companies today need agility, fresh thinking, and a high tolerance for disruption to seize market opportunities in areas where new business models are still being defined.

ForreraGroup combines hard work with new levels of creativity and forward thinking from a team of executive leaders who can advise, manage and consult on strategic initiatives to either organically grow, acquire, sell, integrate and transform small-to-mid market companies with annualized revenues up to $250 million.

We understand that what worked yesterday to transform an enterprise needs to evolve and adapt to an increasingly fast-paced and ever-evolving environment to succeed tomorrow.


ForreraGroup uses a targeted, consistent, intellectual and collaborative effort through well planned and executed corporate development strategies to proactively source buyers, sellers or investors, thereby rewarding our clients for the results they have produced throughout the years. Our firm provides the bandwidth, expertise and industry connections to make this happen.

Strategic corporate development initiatives require dedicated oversight that most small to medium-sized companies don’t have internally, due to limited financial resources and most management teams’ capacity to simultaneously run their businesses. By working with ForreraGroup, our clients can staff an internal corporate development department, through us, on a flexible basis without imposing additional fixed costs to the company.

Having ForreraGroup as your corporate development partner helps you stay focused on running your business and your employees who’ve helped you get to where you are in the first place, while simultaneously finding the right buyer, seller or capital required to meet your objectives.



We believe operational excellence and a customer-appropriate business model are the foundations of a successful enterprise. Based on that, our management consulting processes lead with operational analysis, a detailed review of go-to-market strategies and the performance of sales, distribution, management and operations.

We focus on value building through a core set of competencies. The key to these core competencies is to simply unlock the untapped value of a business and to allow it to reach its greatest potential. Through this, we can transform any enterprise.



Some companies aren’t yet at a stage where they are ready to enter a corporate development initiative. However, one thing remains certain, growth is critical. We understand small to mid-size companies often have difficulty adding new and profitable business. What’s clear is that all businesses need to grow. If you aren’t accelerating growth, adding new customers and new products and services, you’re dying. Markets and customers today are changing too rapidly for any business to remain flatlined at the top. No growth for any prolonged period of time compromises enterprise value.

ForreraGroup’s revenue and growth strategy services can play a critical role in accelerating your organic growth by providing a well-defined multi-channel and business development plan. Our planning provides:

  • Target market strategy and account profiles
  • Creating awareness
  • Walking qualified decision makers to your table
  • A full team, affordably
  • Measurable results
  • Relationship management


M&A Advisory

For more than two decades, ForreraGroup partners have advised and led value creation initiatives for owners, corporate and private equity clients through business acquisitions, sell-side initiatives, a combination or separation. We also help clients plan joint ventures, alliances and other alternative structures.

performance improvement

We employ a proven performance improvement approach, leveraging powerful industry and functional knowledge to design, plan and deliver impactful cost and value enhancing programs. We identify specific areas to focus on within an organization to build the right capability so that sustainable improvements are produced.

private equity and family office

We serve as an extension of PE and family office deal teams. ForreraGroup partners have over two decades of experience working across the investment landscape and bring fresh ideas and insights to deal teams and management. Through our Readiness Planning methodology, we assess and produce substantiated investment theses.

Capitalization Consulting

Our capitalization team has access to a global network of investor resources that enable us to advise clients with capital needs of any type, including angel, venture capital (VC), private equity, family office, bank packaging, government grant packaging, and government backed banking capital. 

Revenue & Growth Strategy

ForreraGroup can help drive organic growth by boosting marketing and sales strategies. We collaborate to bring customer, market, business environment and internal organization insights together to generate revenue and growth blueprints upon which our clients can build to execute commercially.

Interim Executive

We provide experienced executives when and where you need them. We take the time to understand your company and find leadership solutions specifically geared to your needs. We can deploy C-level and senior leaders who can lead your company and navigate through the most complex challenges.


The Pine, Cedar, Redwood and Oak trees are known for their ability to withstand change, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, and endure drought, while providing a vital food source for humans, birds, insects and mammals. These trees are crucial to the planet.

They symbolize our methodology. Our engagements must be enduring. We foster a thriving relationship with our clients by taking the time to first learn about your company. We then design a plan to implement and manage a disciplined program. We feel a meticulous approach and investment in time puts us in position to help our clients realize the returns they seek.

The Pine, Cedar and Redwood represent the readiness planning phases, while the Oak phase represents the program management phase. These phases are applied in flexible ranges within each, ranging from days to a month, and expand and contract relative to the advisory services we are providing. Click through each phase below:

Discover & Evaluate

Pine Phase

  • Establish advisory objectives and begin to understand how the organization functions.
  • Interview organization’s functional leaders to review the three key business metrics, including financial targets, market strategies, and operational objectives.
  • Evaluate the business needs as they apply to the specific strategy.
  • Set the foundation and prepare for implementing appropriate follow-on actions. 

Solutions & Processes

Cedar Phase

  • Dive deeper into the business.
  • Assess the market.
  • Use industry insights and access to market and deal analytics to provide feedback and data on current industry competitive factors, multiples and valuation methods, if applicable.
  • Assess the market position by analyzing past, current and future trending financial position. 
  • Advance our knowledge relative to team, assets, liabilities, profitability, cash flow, customer portfolio, sales pipeline and more to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Implementation Design

Redwood Phase

  • Begin to shape implementation.
  • Consider brand factors such as recognition, market reputation, market niche, customer relationships, operational and production systems, management, personnel, distribution channels and other elements.
  • Shape the story for corporate development or growth strategy initiatives in the most positive light, compelling target audiences to act.
  • Use insight gained to emphasize strengths and, in the case of corporate development initiatives, defend future earnings potential.


Oak Phase

  • Implement plan to achieve ultimate success.
  • Marketing materials developed for the intended growth or corporate development audience.
  • In case of corporate development sell-side, information memorandum has been developed. Includes transaction negotiation and structure, serving as professional intermediary, to increase odds of deal closing that is priced and structured right.
  • In the case of growth strategy initiatives, employ go-to-market strategy designed to deliver against revenue and profit objectives.

our name

ForreraGroup incorporates the last names of our co-founders, but more importantly, embedded in it is the concept of the forest. The forest reflects a powerful symbol embodied in the traits our clients share, and are captured in the portrayal of “the oak” in Napoleon Hill’s passage.

We are, by design, a boutique firm. Value creation is a team affair, so it’s by no mistake that when we seek a new client, we look for those who exemplify the time-tested strength of the oak.

The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.

Napoleon Hill


The founders of ForreraGroup and their teams have a long history of working together, hold the highest of standards and are personally committed to our clients’ success. We never overextend ourselves to make certain at least one of our partners can be directly involved with your engagement. Quality of output is of paramount importance.

Jenifer 'Jak' Kihm, PhDPartner, Advisory Practice

Jenifer “Jak” Kihm has led successful transformation engagements producing sustainable outcomes related to M&A integration, growth acceleration, talent acquisition, due diligence and process improvement. She has an accomplished record of working with C-suite leaders in core business functions to help optimize people, process and systems for many well-known global brands.

Othon HerreraManaging Director

Othon Herrera has established a consistent record of strong returns over multiple business cycles at the C-level, across a range of industries for companies generating up to $425 million in revenue, including navigating complex situations such as those requiring performance improvement, M&A, international expansion, turnaround, and transformation.

Greg ForrestManaging Director

Greg Forrest brings C-level experience and global perspective with a proven track record for creating shareholder value through financial performance in both public and private equity backed companies, generally $100M plus, through such initiatives as consolidation, integration, transformation, risk mitigation, improving returns, and organic growth strategies.

Jim McGrathManaging Director

Jim McGrath possesses 26 years of experience in investment banking and corporate finance & law with leading boutique firms and the Big 4s. Responsible for our FINRA partnerships, Jim oversees the Financing Practice focused on M&A, equity, debt financing and advisory, including oversight of each client’s readiness, negotiation and transaction process.

Jon WalkenhorstPartner, Technology Practice

Jon Walkenhorst is FG’s master craftsman, builder, educator, integrator and advisory delivery partner. With experience in product innovation, CPE, video delivery, cloud transformation, global IT, and Telco NFV/SDN, Jon works with FG clients to help them anticipate market shifts and identify business opportunities to help them build enterprise value.

Lisa NegelePartner, Finance Practice

Lisa Negele’s expertise lies in combining people, processes, and technology in promising companies seeking a path to greater economic prosperity through corporate development initiatives, including buy-side, sell-side and capitalization programs. Lisa has worked with a diverse group of organizations and has a reputation for designing deals that benefit all stakeholders.

Laurence GalvinPartner, Securities Practice

Laurence Galvin is a securities industry professional with 20 years of experience in providing a full spectrum of investment and operational solutions for ForreraGroup clients including investment structuring, asset servicing, financial reporting, multigenerational family tax planning, investment manager due diligence and private placement insurance.

Nicholas BartonDirector, F&A Consulting

Nicholas Barton is a respected certified public accountant with SMB and Big Four experience. Nicholas manages ForreraGroup client process improvement initiatives, which include the implementation of procedures to streamline accounting functions aimed at driving insights into performance at various levels as well as instituting cost controls.

Doug StanleyPartner, Technology Practice

Doug Stanley leads our M&A technology due diligence processes and works with our clients to ensure their readiness for a buy or sell side corporate development initiative by evaluating all technical aspects of their business or the targets to fit the set of investment and transaction objectives established during our Readiness Planning methodology.

Allison OcantoPrincipal, Brand Strategy

Allison Ocanto, an expert at creating and sustaining brands, oversees the building, managing and improvement of brands for our diverse international client base in retail, B2B and CPG. She applies her vision to create stories to build trust in the marketplace based on research and experience in account management, business planning and web development.

Jerry RoznovskyPrincipal, Finance

Jerry Roznovsky is a seasoned operations and financial management executive with a track record of helping small-to-mid-sized companies grow and also possesses corporate finance experience at the enterprise level. Jerry is responsible for providing best business practices, clear financial planning visibility, and knowledge transfer for our clients.

Makenzie HammondDirector, Digital Media

Makenzie Hammond works with ForreraGroup’s corporate development office to ensure what we and our clients communicate is in support of placing our clients in the most favorable light. She draws from her deep understanding that in modern marketing, everything matters because everything communicates when it comes to digital and social disciplines.

Lori RacinePrincipal, Talent Solutions

Lori Racine is a talent optimization professional with global perspectives and experience in creating training programs, recruitment strategies, process optimization, employment compliance, and social responsibility. Lori also works with our clients to ensure that optimal measures are in place with respect to federal compliance, employment branding, social media, vendor management, and diversity.

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